Is it Worth Upgrading Your Film Scanner – The Epson V600 Photo

I’ve long been the advocate of operating on a budget when it comes to film photography. There’s something I like about the challenge of finding the absolute best kit you can find for basically next to nothing and this approach has been good for some time. Every now and again, however, there comes a point … Read more

The Story of Abandoned Memories Part 2 – Developing more mystery used films from Ebay 

Previously we went on a journey through someone’s abandoned family photographs, ranging from children’s sports teams, family snapshots, a holiday to France and an unfortunate lack of clothes which, sadly for you, I omitted for the sake of good taste. Today we’re going to look at the remaining mystery films and once again leave the … Read more

More Film Scanning on a Budget – Making a DIY Lightbox

These days, film scanners are either unobtainable, too expensive or too old to be used with modern operating systems. Consequently, many people have moved towards using a macro lens, light box and negative holder to take detailed photographs of their negatives which can then be post processed to produce a final image. There’s a reasonable … Read more

What is the best budget film scanner?

Film scanning is one of those topics that really triggers some film aficionados. These are people who wouldn’t dream of handling a negative without a crisp pair of white gloves and a sterile clean room on hand. You can spend extortionate amounts on flatbeds, macro lenses, light boxes and so forth, but what works for … Read more

How to get in to Film Photography –
Shoot, Develop and Digitise your first 35mm film on a shoestring budget

Film photography should be cheap and fun, but it is possible to spend an absolute fortune on developing, scanning and digitising kit if you’re not careful. The fact of the matter is that you really don’t need to despite what many film advocates will try to tell you. It is more than possible to buy … Read more

The Story of Abandoned Memories Part 1 – Developing mystery used films from Ebay

Every now again a camera will come up for sale which still has a film left in it, usually in various states of exposure ranging from completely used to only just loaded. If you’re a regular reader you’ll remember I recently had some experience with this from a roll of Kodak Gold 400 that had … Read more

Canon EOS IX7 APS Film SLR Review – The simultaneous birth and death of Canon APS SLR’s

One thing about film photography is that once you scratch beneath the 35mm and 120 film surface, you discover that there have been countless different formats that have come and gone for various reasons. APS is just one of those historic attempts at doing something different in an effort to standardise on a form factor … Read more

Colour in Rodinal – Forgotten Kodak film resurrected

A short while back I did a roundup of some extremely cheap camera purchases from Ebay. Amongst the various cameras was a Hanimex 35HF Motor which had a roll of Kodak Ultra 400 24 exposure film left in it, with an apparent 12 shots already used. Not being someone who likes to waste film, I … Read more

Film for a fiver. I’ve been on Ebay again…

It is fairly obvious that it is possible to pick up some really interesting or fun to use camera gear on Ebay for very little money, but how much can you get and for how low a price? Currently, a roll of reasonable black and white film, such as Ilford HP5 will set you back … Read more

Using a Pentium III 450mhz in 2022

For anyone who knows me in the real world, it would not be surprising to hear that I love using old computers. I really believe the “golden” age of computing was between 1995 and 2001, a time when computing was genuinely exciting, massive leaps were being made in hardware, software and user experience and you … Read more