The Ravioli Free Camera Exchange

Update 14/06/2024: Demand has exceeded all my expectations. Please consider donating an old camera if you can, so other people can enjoy using it! If you’ve anything to offer, fill in the form below and I’ll arrange advertising it here. Thank you.

Do you want a camera for just the price of postage?

Do you have a camera that you’d like to swap for another?

Do you have a camera you’d like to donate to someone else?

Then look no further! The Ravioli Camera Exchange is my attempt to do the following:

  • Re-use and recycle old cameras of any description
  • Ensure that cameras are being used and not just sitting on shelves
  • Put cameras in the hands of those who may otherwise not be able to afford them
  • Encourage people to take up film photography or just give it a try!

On this page:

Why is it free?

At any one time I will have a number of cameras that I have purchased or been given to write about. However, once I’ve reviewed a camera there are very few that I then go on to keep or have a specific need for. This creates a problem – they are often not desirable enough to sell, I personally loathe the experience of selling on eBay and Marketplace and honestly, I would rather give them away than go through the sheer misery of that whole process. I just want cameras in the hands of people who will use and appreciate them.

Furthermore, I don’t believe in profiteering and the constant driving up of prices in the common outlets for cameras. There is a clear upwards trend in film camera prices already and I don’t want to add to it. Hence, if you can pay the postage, I’ll post a camera to you. It’s as simple as that.

There will inevitably be a varied amount of cameras on here at any one time, it will simply be down to what I have at a particular moment.

How does it work…? and other FAQ’s

Easy – just do the following:

  • Pick a camera you’d like
  • Contact me using the form provided and just let me know why you want that particular camera and what you might do with it.
  • I’ll pop it in a box, weigh it and work out postage. When I’ve done that, I’ll send you an email and you can send the postage payment over. I know, seamless.
  • Send me some pictures when you’ve used it!

Why these criteria? Simple really, I just want to know that each camera is going to a good home and will be used rather than sold on for profit. If you chose to do that in the future well… that’s up to you!

If you have an old camera lying around that you’d like to exchange for one here, or you’d like to simply send in for review then feel free to use the form below.

Why haven’t I just created a shopping cart and done an ordering process that way? Web 2.0? Never heard of it – it’s a miracle I haven’t created this site in Notepad. In all seriousness, I’d prefer to keep things really simple, I don’t want to collect anyones data and there isn’t going to be a constant flow of cameras here. It is what it is.

Cameras currently available

Demand has been quite overwhelming already! Of the nine cameras I started with, only three are left and several were over subscribed. I’ve allocated on a first come, first serve basis so if you didn’t get one I’m really sorry.

I never knew this would be so popular, so if you have any old cameras to donate, please do consider filling in the form below and letting me know!

Canon EOS 3000V

Canon Powershot S10 – with new battery and charger (but… that doesn’t mean much in terms of battery life!!)

Canon EOS 1000FN

Canon EOS 1000F

If you’d like one or want to donate…