Film 1, Digital 0. The story of dying digital cameras.

My favourite 35mm film camera, the Canon AE-1 Program was released in 1981 and my other go to film body, the EOS 55e was first released in 1995. This means my two main cameras are probably about 40 and 25 years old respectively. In technology terms, this makes them about as modern as a dolly … Read more

Using a Pentium III 450mhz in 2022

For anyone who knows me in the real world, it would not be surprising to hear that I love using old computers. I really believe the “golden” age of computing was between 1995 and 2001, a time when computing was genuinely exciting, massive leaps were being made in hardware, software and user experience and you … Read more

The cheapest DSLR in 2022 – Experiences of the Canon 20D

Spurred on by the great experience of buying a cheap Canon 10D for £29 (see here) on eBay, I decided to see what else I could get that was even cheaper still. I spotted a 20D which was advertised as for parts or not working. I checked to see the seller wasn’t a camera dealer … Read more

The Churchyard Walks, Part 1 – “Characters”

The grave of Ann Jobberns

A series of images taken on ilford HP5+, ISO 400 using a Canon EOS 55e and a 24-105 F4L I shot the image below in a local churchyard some weeks ago and after developing I decided to do a series from local churches. The idea being that I’d use the time not only to shoot … Read more

A £29 Canon 10D in 2022

Recently I’ve spent far too much time on Ebay trying to find film cameras for budget prices. There’s so much enjoyment to be had from picking up great pieces of old technology for disposable camera money, being able to try out all the different features and quirks each one has just adds to the experience … Read more

Canon AE-1 Program – Film Legend

In 2007 I’d been using a Canon 350d for quite a while and had picked up the basics of camera control, exposure and a few other bits and pieces but I’d got into that classic mindset of no money, no motivation, nowhere good to take photos. I don’t know why I thought it would be … Read more

Canon Digital Ixus 500 – The beginning of my journey

There’s always a starting point, something which triggers a passion. For me, that’s the Canon Digital Ixus 500. It wasn’t the first camera I’d ever owned, nor was it the first digital camera – that award goes to the plastic fantastic Fujifilm Finepix A201 which I’d picked up for the outrageous sum of £200 in … Read more