How to get in to Film Photography –
Shoot, Develop and Digitise your first 35mm film on a shoestring budget

Film photography should be cheap and fun, but it is possible to spend an absolute fortune on developing, scanning and digitising kit if you’re not careful. The fact of the matter is that you really don’t need to despite what many film advocates will try to tell you. It is more than possible to buy … Read more

Canon EOS IX7 APS Film SLR Review – The simultaneous birth and death of Canon APS SLR’s

One thing about film photography is that once you scratch beneath the 35mm and 120 film surface, you discover that there have been countless different formats that have come and gone for various reasons. APS is just one of those historic attempts at doing something different in an effort to standardise on a form factor … Read more

Film for a fiver. I’ve been on Ebay again…

It is fairly obvious that it is possible to pick up some really interesting or fun to use camera gear on Ebay for very little money, but how much can you get and for how low a price? Currently, a roll of reasonable black and white film, such as Ilford HP5 will set you back … Read more