How does film actually work? Why can film be pushed and pulled? The science of 35mm film.

This was going to be an article about my experiences of push processing film from 400 to 800 for the first time. For those of you who are new to film, or if you’ve never heard these terms before, pushing and pulling are photographic terms for using a film beyond its intended or advertised sensitivity. … Read more

Abandoned Memories Part 3 – Mystery Ebay Kodak APS Film

Every now and again I’ll pick up a used and exposed film from Ebay just to recover the memories that have been left behind. There’s always the hope that someone will stumble across the page, or the images might be shared and I can reunite them with their original owners. If this is your first … Read more

Film price rise – The end of my Ilford journey and calculating what it really costs to shoot film

A couple of weeks ago my fridge was looking rather sad and empty. The film shelf was down to the last few rolls and it was time to stock up again whilst I still had the money before the cold sets in and I have to divert cash to inconvenient things like making sure the … Read more

Simply the best of 35mm? The Canon EOS 1N-HS Review

It was inevitable, wasn’t it? Following my first ever experience of 1 series Canon SLR’s in the form of the 1D Mark IIn, I knew I needed to return to my film roots and pick up an EOS 1 film camera. Whenever I shoot digital, I enjoy myself but it almost feels like cheating at … Read more