Pretending to be a professional – Using the Canon 1D Mark II n in 2022

When Canon released their first DSLR, the D30 in October 2000, things began moving incredibly quickly in the digital imaging space. Canon were playing catch up, most notably to their chief rivals Nikon. The three megapixel D30, whilst a superb digital camera in its own right, was not a professional imaging tool. The D30 auto … Read more

There’s a reason this Canon 30D was £24 – Fixing a fungal invasion

Some time in July I searched eBay for Canon DSLR’s and sorted by cheapest first. The top result was a Canon 30D for all of £30. This didn’t seem to make sense, for that money either the seller didn’t really know what they had or it was broken. The listing was indeed “for parts or … Read more

Sometimes it doesn’t go to plan – Canon T80 and AC 50mm F1.8

The Canon T series of cameras are something of a no mans land in the history of SLR cameras. They came at a time when all of the major manufacturers were transitioning away from manual focus to auto focus whilst simultaneously trying to stuff as many electronics as possible inside. The late 1970’s to early … Read more

Using the first Canon DSLR in 2022 – The 3MP, £30, Canon D30

Before we begin – yes, technically, there had been a Canon digital SLR prior to the D30, but that was a collaboration between Kodak, who supplied the sensor and Canon, who bolted this onto the back of an EOS 1V film body. So not really a DSLR, especially when you take in to account that … Read more

Which is Better: Colour or Black and White Photography?

Here are two identical compositions, one colour, one black and white. Which is better? The answer is, of course, subjective. Some of us prefer bright, vibrant, colourful images whilst others can appreciate the tone, mood and meaning that black and white can convey. So, nothing to see here, end of article. It’s never that simple, … Read more

Canon 350D for £26. Is it worth it in 2022? A Retrospective Review

Launched in February 2005, the Canon 350D marked another significant step forward in the rapidly evolving digital SLR landscape. Its predecessor, the 300D had changed the market and rate of adoption for “serious amateur” digital photography by offering a body that was capable, produced great results and above all was affordable to most who wanted … Read more

Colour in Rodinal – Forgotten Kodak film resurrected

A short while back I did a roundup of some extremely cheap camera purchases from Ebay. Amongst the various cameras was a Hanimex 35HF Motor which had a roll of Kodak Ultra 400 24 exposure film left in it, with an apparent 12 shots already used. Not being someone who likes to waste film, I … Read more

Canon 300D (Digital Rebel) – A budget step too far? Part 2 – A retrospective review

Last time, I’d spent a week and more money than I’d liked to have by bolting two different camera bodies together to make one working one. Ultimately the body I tried to fix ended up being a total loss due to focusing issues and a mouldy sensor. The whole point in these camera purchases is … Read more

Canon 300D (Digital Rebel) – A budget step too far? Part 1 – An ordeal.

The Canon 300D/Digital Rebel (an awful name for a camera) was truly ground breaking when it was released in 2003 for around £800. For the first time a digital SLR with a well regarded sensor and image quality was available for a price that most “enthusiasts” would consider very enticing indeed. Canon simultaneously introduced a … Read more

My “new” Canon 5D Mark I

For anyone who’s not a photography obsessive, the term “full frame” may well be completely meaningless. A 35mm film SLR camera is full frame, this means two things – the image taken covers an area of approximately 36mm wide by 24mm tall on the film and secondly, the viewfinder is large, bright and shows you … Read more