The greatest value film SLR of all time – The Canon EOS 50 / EOS 55 / Elan II

In 2008 I’d resurrected my interest in film photography and decided it was time to add a Canon EOS camera to compliment the AE-1 Program that I’d been using exclusively to that point. I’d gathered a small collection of EF lenses for use with my 40D such as the 85mm F1.8, 17-40 F4 L and … Read more

The Churchyard Walks, Part 1 – “Characters”

The grave of Ann Jobberns

A series of images taken on ilford HP5+, ISO 400 using a Canon EOS 55e and a 24-105 F4L I shot the image below in a local churchyard some weeks ago and after developing I decided to do a series from local churches. The idea being that I’d use the time not only to shoot … Read more